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We deliver new turbochargers for cars, trucks, motorcycles and boats, for all types & models

STK does not just deliver turbo chargers. We offer a comprehensive service package which is tailored to your needs. As our customer you can expect more than just innovative and superior quality products. That’s why our service package includes support in selecting the correct turbo charger, the correct equipment and the implementation of the expected performance.

We strive continuously in order to be able to satisfy our customers’ need for fast and comprehensive service. Always making an effort to stay in contact with the manufacturer of turbo chargers enables us to handle the growing demand for our products.


New Turbocharger for
Alfa-Romeo 166

Engine: M20 2400 JTD 5C 10V
Displacement: 2387
Power: 103 KW/140PS
Built: Jan.2004 -


New Turbocharger for
Alfa-Romeo 166

Engine: AR34102
Displacement: 1996
Power: 151 KW/205PS
Built: Jan.1998 -


New Turbocharger for
Alfa-Romeo 33

Engine: VM82A
Displacement: 1779
Power: 54 KW/73PS
Built: Jan.1986 - Jun.1990


New Turbocharger for
Alfa-Romeo 33

Engine: VM96A
Displacement: 1779
Power: 62 KW/84PS
Built: Jul.1990 - Sep.1994


New Turbocharger for
Alfa-Romeo 4C

Engine: 960A1000
Displacement: 1742
Power: 177 KW/241PS
Built: Jan.2013 -


New Turbocharger for
Alfa-Romeo 75

Engine: AR06134
Displacement: 1779
Power: 110 KW/150PS
Built: Sep.1986 - Feb.1992


New Turbocharger for
Alfa-Romeo 90

Engine: VM81A / HR 492 HI
Displacement: 2393
Power: 81 KW/110PS
Built: Okt.1984 - Jul.1987


New Turbocharger for
Alfa-Romeo Brera

Engine: 5CYL 20V Euro IV
Displacement: 2387
Power: 147 KW/200PS
Built: Jan.2005 -


New Turbocharger for
Alfa-Romeo Giulietta

Engine: 2.0L JTD 16V
Displacement: 1956
Power: 125 KW/170PS
Built: Jun.2010 -


New Turbocharger for
Alfa-Romeo Giulietta

Engine: 16V
Displacement: 1598
Power: 77 KW/105PS
Built: Jun.2010 -


As our customer, you can rely on us to get the turbocharger you need in time. With one of the largest storages of new and reconditioned turbochargers, STK Turbo Technik will prevent expensive delays in your operations.

Our dedicated team of professional logistic managers organize prompt delivery of the right parts to satisfy all your requirements. The close proximity of our main warehouse to two international airports and our worldwide network provides consistent deliveries on schedule at any time.

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