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This Alpina Turbo catalogue is only a small portion of our entire program.

All of the listed turbocharger for Alpina are available new, exchanged or remanufactured.*.
For the applications not listed here, we need the information from the identification-plate of the turbocharger. Everything else will be handled by us for you from there.

Vehicle TypEnginePart Number
Alpina 530 D (E39)
Build : from Jan 2001
Engine: M57A
Capacity: 3000 ccm
Power: 174
Details for the Alpina 530D Turbocharger 711112-0002...711112-0002
Alpina 530 D (E39)
Build : from Jan 2001
Engine: M57A
Capacity: 3000 ccm
Power: 180
Details for the Alpina 530D Turbocharger 716484-0001...716484-0001
Alpina B5 (F10 / F11) Biturbo
Build: Jan 2012 to Dez 2014
Engine: N63 Alpina EVO
Capacity: 4395 ccm
Power: 397
Details for the Alpina B5 Turbocharger 803709-5009S...803709-5009S
Alpina B7 (F01 / F02)
Build : from Jan 2009
Engine: N63 Biturbo
Capacity: 4395 ccm
Power: 373
Details for the Alpina B7 Turbocharger 795110-5005S...795110-5005S
Alpina D3 (E90)
Build: Dez 2005 to Apr 2008
Engine: EURO 4
Capacity: 1995 ccm
Power: 147
Details for the Alpina D3 Turbocharger 765968-5001S...765968-5001S

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*if available

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