Turbocharger repair, economical and reliable

Uncompromising quality series - guaranteed

In our “turbo charger repair program” we are able to offer a special alternative to new and exchange turbo chargers. We replace all small and deteriorated parts with new, original parts. All turbo chargers undergo the same conditioning process: individual overhauls as well as large scale productions in which detailed checklists during each machining phase ensure that in the end you will receive a product which will be as good as new.

The quality of our newly rebuilt supercharging systems will be secured through our test-laboratory which is integrated in to our production line. State-of-the-art balancing equipment guarantees a secure balancing operation with rotational speed of up to 250.000 rpm.

Auswuchtanlage für Turbolader

Operating speed balancing machine for turbocharger

With a rebuilt turbo charger by STK Turbo Technik you will receive an especially attractive alternative in regards to quality and price.

VTG Turbocharger – Pitfalls of Technology

VTG turbo chargers have special characteristics which separates them from conventional turbos

Should your vehicle regulate the engine speed from the breakaway pint on its own while you are accelerating or driving with a full load (going uphill, steep incline or operating with a trailer) there is a high probability that the VTG-adjusting unit is not working properly. This is a very common symptom, especially after a high run-time of the turbo, long periods of inactivity of the engine and after chip tuning.

For these VTG turbos STK offers a re-calibration of the VTG adjusting unit, which is executed on a special calibrated flow bench.

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