STK Exchange Turbochargers - the full Line

Exchange line – all renowned manufacturers

With our turbo chargers exchange-program we can offer you a broad assortment of original parts. The share of new turbo chargers entering the STK turbo charger exchange program has reached approximately 80%.

Because of actively involving brand names of all renowned manufacturers the STK-exchange program is able to offer a broad assortment of original parts.

High availability because of large in-stock quantities warrants our customers, repair shops and dealers a smooth transaction as well as simultaneously offering an unmatched, superior technical support in our customer service department.

Austausch Turbolader
  • Simple exchange procedures
  • Excellent delivery capability
  • Improved customer pricing structure

Conditions in order to be able to participate in our exchange program „old in exchange for new“ :

We will provide you with a replacement part and collect an exchange fee. This fee will be returned to you once we receive the old unit back. It does not matter how damaged the old unit is, most importantly it needs to be complete and no pieces missing.

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